KfW Regional Challenge Fund

The Regional Challenge Fund (RCF) aims to improve vocational education and training (VET) and thus employability of VET graduates in the WB6 CIF Economies. The RCF will fund selected VET-projects to develop or expand existing cooperative training projects, provided that they are implemented by a consortium of VET institutes and companies (VET partnerships).
The VET-projects will be selected in a competitive process, based on pre-defined criteria. The private sector will benefit substantially from an increased level of skills of potential employees corresponding to the needs of the labor market. The RCF Program will be hosted by the WB6 CIF as the Program Executing Agency (PEA).
The objective of the Program is to increase the employability of VET graduates, to be achieved by increased demand-orientation of vocational education and training jointly implemented by vocational training institutes and private enterprises. Thereby, the project contributes to improving the preconditions for employment and thus income opportunities in the WB region.

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