In line with the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus and the current situation in the Region, WB6 Chambers of Commerce gathered within WB6 CIF, are acting as responsible and reliable partners both to the respective economies and Governments.


WB6 Chamber Investment Forum enables the faster, simpler, and more efficient flow of relevant information as well as a response to emerging business problems that occurred in the Region.


WB6 CIF representatives are in constant contact with both business community but also representatives of the National Governments, line ministries, and relevant institutions, but also all international business associations and organizations, aiming to help member companies to overcome the challenges and reduce the negative impact of the COVID 19 virus on doing business.


All economic operators having problems caused by the COVID 19 are invited to address both WB6 CIF via email or National Chambers via following contacts:


Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and

Kosovo Chamber of

Economic Chamber of 

Chamber of Economy of 

Chamber of Commerce and industry of;



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