Demographic crisis with an emphasis on youth

WB6 CIF Annual report for 2021

WB6CIF Travel and Tourism data

The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the economy of the Western Balkans

WB6 CIF KPI analysis December 2021

WB6 E-invoicing

Supply Chain Module ENG leaflet

WB6 CIF Conclusions from regional round tables

Key Indicators for Construction and Infrastructure in WB6 2021

Studies on obstacles and opportunities for doing business in the region

Movement of posted workers without work permits

WB6 CIF KPI analysis June 2021

CRM AP brochure

WB6 CIF Study - Movement of posted workers without work permits

WB6 CIF Study - Prospects for Travelling and Tourism Sector in the WB in 2020

Guideline for export

WB6 CIF Key points of the Impulse statement by Marko Cadez

WB6 CIF messages to new European Parliament and European Commission

Financial Times WB6 Forum, London 2019-publication

WB6 CIF Brochure Poznan Summit

Study - Nearshoring-potential-in-the-Western-Balkans