ADA project

“Implementation of Elements of Dual Vocational Training and Supporting Digital Transformation In the Western Balkan Companies”

This Project aims at the establishment of unique regionally located services as part of the core WB6 CIF chambers services portfolio, following the best practice from the EU – Republic of Austria in two main areas: Digitalization and VET, and also building the WB6 CIF Chambers capacity.

The Digitalization segment will focus on :

  • creating and enhancing a system for supporting WB6 companies in the process of digitalization-network of certified consultants;
  • strengthening the capacity of WB6 CIF chambers for transparent, independent and sustainable services offered to companies in the field of digitalization-online and offline WB6 CIF chambers’ services to support digitalization of companies
  • raising awareness of the representatives of business community and public authorities on the importance of the digitalization process and the role that WB6 CIF chambers have in this matter;


The Vocational Education Traning – VET segment will focus on:

  • building up concrete opportunities and procedures for the development and accreditation of new digitalized job profiles;
  • developing and strengthening the role of chambers as intermediary institutions representing the interest of companies in VET
  • developing joint digitalised modular VET training offers (virtual regional training academy)

Project documents

Project pubblications

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