Chairman Rafuna participates in the 20th Vienna Economic Forum – commitment of WB6 CIF, Governments and the private sector from WB6 economies to act responsibly and in unison with our European partners

The Chairman of the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum and President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Mr. Lulzim Rafuna actively participated in the 20th Vienna Economic Forum, in the session “Acting Together with Responsibility for the European Future – Infrastructure, Energy, Digital Technology, Innovation”.

“We stand firmly behind the goal of promoting regional economic cooperation. As a representative of WB6 CIF, I can proudly affirm that we share this goal. Our organization serves as a powerful catalyst for forging partnerships, fostering economic growth, and building bridges between our region and Western European countries. Our private sector and entrepreneurs, who are focused on cooperation with Western Europe, have played a pivotal role in enhancing economic ties and driving growth in the Western Balkans. Through WB6 CIF, we are committed to fostering a climate of cooperation, innovation, and investment that benefits both our region and our European partners,”  stated Mr. Rafuna in his addressing.

WB6 CIF, in close cooperation with Governments and the private sector, has been actively engaged in infrastructure development, particularly in the areas of highways and railways. Notably, Kosovo stands as a shining example of this commitment. The development of robust and efficient infrastructure is essential for connecting our region to the broader European network, fostering economic growth, and facilitating trade.

The Western Balkans, in line with the Green Transition Agenda, is making significant strides in the realm of energy. Our countries are collectively focusing on green energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

In the ever-evolving world of digital technology and innovation, WB6 CIF, under the stewardship of its management board, has established the Regional Training Center, dedicated to the Western Balkans. Through this innovative center, our aim is to equip the region’s young people with the qualifications and certifications needed to thrive in today’s labor market. By investing in the skills and expertise of our youth, we are not only building a competitive workforce but also driving innovation and digital transformation across the region. This initiative is an essential part of our commitment to preparing the Western Balkans for a rapidly changing economic landscape, pointed out Mr. Rafuna.

“Let me underscore the commitment of WB6 CIF, Governments and the private sector from WB6 Countries that are acting responsibly and in unison with our European partners. By focusing on infrastructure development, sustainable energy, digital technology, and innovation, we are actively shaping the European future and advancing our collective goals. These efforts will not only contribute to economic growth but also foster a more sustainable and prosperous future for our region and our European counterparts”, concluded Mr. Rafuna.

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