FTC invites you – 1st International Conference of Logistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina is organizing the 1st International Conference of Logistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be held on September 8, 2023, at the Hills Hotel, Sarajevo. The Conference will be attended by logistics experts, forwarders, transporters and distributors, who will have the opportunity to learn new things that can improve their business, but also to exchange experiences.

The primary focus of this Conference is on supply chain innovation and technology, and participants will be presented with all available tools, techniques, data, networking opportunities and other achievements in this area. In addition, visitors will be able to participate in expert panel discussions on the latest technologies and achievements in the field of logistics technologies, services, modern logistics service providers, supply chain management (Supply Chain Management – SCM) and in presentations of development possibilities of railway and port capacities and modern management transport and storage, both in B&H and in the region.
The conference will be divided into six sessions on the following topics: logistics in road transport, logistics of transport terminals, maritime and port transport logistics, multimodal transport and logistics of transport terminals, logistics in rail and air transport and production and warehouse logistics.
Sessions will be moderated by experts in this field in the region: prof. Ph.D. Mario Šafran (Faculty of Traffic Sciences Zagreb), Prof. Ph.D. Milorad Kilibarda (Faculty of Traffic, Belgrade), Ph.D. Marijan Cukrov (Intermodal Transport Cluster Croatia), prof. Ph.D.Sc. Igor Jakomin (CargoX d.o.o. Slovenia), traffic consultant Ph.D. Igor Marković, MSc. Melita Rozman Dacar (Slovenian Railways – Freight Transport d.o.o. Slovenia) and M.Sc. Igor Žula (Slovenian Logistics Association).

More than 150 participants are expected, including representatives of the competent B&H authorities, institutions, leading companies in the field of forwarding, logistics, management of road operators, sea and airports, railway management, representatives of leading companies-users of services in this area, representatives of financial institutions-banks, insurance companies, etc.

More information about the upcoming Conference and participants from BiH and the region, as well as registration for participation, is available on the official website of the Conference https://logistikabih.ba .

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