Čadež and Rafuna: It is important to make every effort to support the de-escalation of the situation

WB6 CIF believes that economic cooperation of the business communities of the region substantially contributes to the overall development of our societies at all levels by creating preconditions for greater economic growth and employment and, ultimately, to strengthening cooperation and peace in the Western Balkans.

The Chambers of Commerce of the six economies of the Western Balkans support all efforts to close open issues between our economies through dialogue and within the processes supported by the European Union and the United States of America.

Despite the challenging political circumstances, the exchange of goods between the economies of the Western Balkans has continued to increase. This clearly shows the great interest of the business community for mutual cooperation and provides tangible evidence how connected economies of our region are.

With all this in mind, we call on all the responsible actors to immediately take steps to calm the situation and ensure that political developments do not hinder ever improving business environment and the progress that the economies have made.

We call on the member states of the Quint Group and the European Union to do everything they can to support the de-escalation of the situation, by putting forward a clear action plan which includes measures for creation of permanent and stable ties between the Western Balkans and the European Union.

Joint statement of the Presidents Marko Čadež and Lulzim Rafuna

Podgorica, June 16th 2023

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