Mr. Lulzim Rafuna, the Chairman of WB6 CIF and Ms. Nina Drakić, member of the MB of WB6 CIF and president of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, met today in Podgorica.

The focus of the meeting was the plan for the further activities and projects within the WB6 CIF, in order to improve the competitiveness of the economies of the region by connecting the business communities of the six economies, improving the business climate and increasing commodity exchange within the WB region.

Rafuna and Drakić opened the issue of raising KIF to a higher level of a fully functional organization whose purpose is to provide administrative and professional support to the entire structure of WB6 CIF.

All of the above will enable the support of the business sector from the WB region in facing the common challenges and opportunities for business entities, recognizing the comparative advantages of each separate economy, and undertaking joint coordinated action for economic progress of the region.


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