Western Balkans Summit, Berlin 2022 -The clean energy industry and OIE must be part of the Western Balkans economic recovery

President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and WB6 CIF Managing Board member, Nina Drakić, participated in the Germany-Western Balkans business forum, held on October 25th in Berlin, within the economic part of the Western Balkans Summit, Berlin 2022.
President Drakić addressed on the panel “Challenges and perspectives of the Common Regional Market – Will the energy crisis lead to the implementation of the Green Agenda – Current challenges for the business community”.
She pointed out that the period of uncertainty caused by COVID, and deepened by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, makes it even more difficult for companies in our region to do business and opens up numerous questions. Debates about the implementation of the European Green Deal are becoming more frequent due to the energy crisis of global proportions, which raises a number of questions and challenges when it comes to the Green Agenda.
„There is no doubt that each of the economies of EU member states and outside, must find a formula for achieving a balance between energy security, energy price stability and the obligation to achieve climate neutrality. Therefore, the clean energy industry and OIE must be significantly supported by common mechanisms of recovery and resilience and must be part of the Western Balkans economic recovery which sees its future within the European Union. The goal is difficult, and any postponement would be pricey and environmentally unsustainable- said Drakić.
She believes that in the context of the realization of the Green Agenda and the energy crisis, it is important to properly analyze all the parameters that influence decision-making, especially taking into account that the countries of the Western Balkans have an exceptional potential for the development of renewable energy sources.
„The market is now sending us clear signals that OIE projects are profitable and we should take advantage of that. Investments in many of them, in the first place I mean the construction of solar power plants, have already started and I believe that we should continue in that direction precisely because the market dictates it. However, it is important that these, like other OIE projects, do not lead to oversaturation of the market. This is precisely why they must be part of an adequate agenda, which would guarantee the achievement of their and overall energy and market sustainability“, added President Drakić.
She informed the participants of the forum that the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro has submitted to the Government proposals for measures mostly related to energy, with the aim of putting the views of businessmen in the focus of decision makers attention.
„Only the synergy of the business sector and policy makers can ensure a secure economic future“, emphasized President.
Accordingly, creating assumptions for the implementation of EU policies, such as the one related to the Green Agenda, requires the support and development of infrastructure, not only energy, but also transport, telecommunications and other.
„The announced grants for the economies of the Western Balkans for projects of interconnection and development of renewable energy sources, pleases and encourages. We see this as a new investment wave, which is extremely necessary for the economies of the countries of the region, as well as a message that the EU, despite numerous challenges, recognizes the European perspective of our region“, said President Drakić.

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