31 SMEs food processing companies from Western Balkans Six (WB6) will take part in the “TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2021”

Within the Supplier Development Program and with the support of the European Commission 31 selected SMEs from the WB6 region from the food processing sector will have the chance to participate in a joint regional delegation in the “TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2021”:
1. HAKO shpk, www.hako.al
2. MUSAJ OLIVE OIL www.musaioliveoil.com
3. S.E.D. Borsh sh.p.k.
4. The Wine Society Albania, www.winesocietyalbania.com
5. Kantina Duka, www.kantinaduka.al
6. Rapsodia, www.rapsodia.al
7. Agreks, www.agreks.org
8. Dukat d.o.o. Mill and bakery, dukat.co.ba
9. Laks export-import Ltd Mostar
10. Milkos LLC, www.milkos.ba
11. Mladegs Pak d.o.o, http://www.mladegspak.com/
12. SEHERCONI DOO, www.korneti.ba www.seherconi.com
13. Apetit LLC, apetitgroup.com
14. PESTOVA SHPK, pestova-ks.com
15. MOEA LLC, www.frutomaniaks.comkarlgega.com
16. INTERPRODUCT DOO, interproduct.com
17. MI GORANOVIC DOO NIKSIC, www.migoranovic.com
19. BIOMAREL SHITAKE BITOLA, www.shitake.mk
20. CENTROFRUTA DOOEL VINICA, www.centrofruta.com
21. Company for production, trade and services TRNICA DOO v.Trnica, Mavrovo and Rosusha, www.korabtrnica.mk
22. Team Enterprise
23. Agro Vardarie
24. Company IMV Doo Bitola, www.imv.com
26. Cold Pressok, www.coldpressok.com
27. Company for the Production of Trade and Services SWEETY PLUS DOO ČESTIN
28. Miroslav Nikolic pr Gruza agrar, www.gruzaagrar.rs
29. NISHA DOO, www.sumskiplodovi.com
30. PTP Velkom d.o.o. Loznica, www.velkom.rs
31. TSN-Vajat, tsnvajat.rs

The “TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2021” is a good opportunity for companies from the WB6 region to present their products, explore new export opportunities, strengthen existing and establish new business connections with partners from Albania, Western Balkans and other countries. This is the most important fair event in Albania and one of the most important events of this kind in the Western Balkans. It gathers exhibitors from more than 20 countries with an average of 20.000 guests per edition.
Selected companies will get the opportunity to:
–  Joint visit and participation at the International Trade Fair in Tirana from December 1st until December 4th 2021.
–  Possibility to present their paper promotional materials at the joint WB6 CIF stand during the Fair
–  Possibility to meet with 6 big retail chains/distributors (1 from each WB6 economy) that will participate in this program
–  B2B meetings with potential partners and tailor-made list of 5 potential partners from Albania fro each member of the delegation
–  Participation in the joint networking event for all companies and additional potential business partners from WB6 and abroad organized by WB6 CIF.

 Media coverage:

• preparation of joint digital catalogue of all companies/products, based on the materials received from companies
• promotion of the event and companies/products through the tailor made promotional campaign

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