WB6 CIF Invites you on 4th Western Balkans Digital Summit 2021

Western Balkans Six Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF) with the support of the European Commission selected 30 small companies (start-ups) from WB6 region that will participate on the Regional Cooperation Program for IT Start-ups and small companies from WB6 CIF that will be conducted as a side event during The 4th Western Balkans Digital Summit 2021  to be held in hybrid form through online sessions and high-level meetings in Podgorica, Montenegro from October 11th 2021 until October 13th 2021.

The goal of the Digital Summit 2021 is to present and exchange good practices in the Western Balkans, highlight the development and achievements of the Digital Agenda, define future directions and explore opportunities to build partnerships with the private sector in the context of the digital transformation process. It is thematically divided into four areas: digital economy, digital skills and competencies, digital infrastructure and connectivity, and trust and security.

Being one of the most important regional events in the field of digitalization, The Summit will bring together representatives of high-level regional governments, the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), the business community and chambers of commerce (WB6 CIF), civil society organizations and the interested public.

As part of this year’s Digital Summit, the Chamber Investment Forum WB6 (WB6 CIF),  is organizing a panel discussion on what forms of start-ups financing exist in the Western Balkans and how to approach them. – main pillar for building successful start-up ecosystem ”). The panel discussion will be held on Tuesday, October 12, starting at 10:00 AM and you can follow online.

After the panel discussion, the digital tools of WB6 CIF and the Chambers of Commerce of the Western Balkans, which are available to businessmen in the region, will be presented. The presentations will last from 12:00 to 13:30 on the same day, October 12.

The Digital summit, as well as its accompanying content, could be followed through the multimedia platform, which  can be accessed via the following link: event.digitalsummitwb2021.com

WB6 CIF  invites all interested parties to attend the panel discussion and presentations organized via the live stream available on the Digital Summit platform after registration (in the main menu click on the option WB6 CIF – Side Event where you register to follow these two events).

For all additional questions you can contact Tijana Radulović from the Center for Chamber Investment Forum Western Balkans 6 via e-mail: tijana.radulovic@pks.rs or by phone at: +381 62 8426 220.

Panel discussion dedicated to start-ups will cover  topics related to:

  • Stages of Start-up life cycle – Idea, start, growth, establishment, expansion, maturity, exit
  • Time and money management, barriers to break, finding sources of financing, partnership,
    improvement and productivity, new markets and consumer types, reaching stability
  • Funding possibilities from venture capital firms, loans, angel investors, grants and accelerator
    programs to 3Fs – Friends, family and fools

Moreover, within the Panel Smart Business Tools and Solutions for Western Balkan companies, participants will learn more about:

• „WB6 CIF Market Access and Market Intelligence Database and TA for companies related to digital
• “Regional Business Register for WB and other EBRD supported e-Government initiatives relevant
for the investment climate in the Region”
• “Common Regional Market: what, how and when for the IT industry”,
• „Digital Chamber”
• “Electronic Issuing of Certificates”
• “Achievements of Digital Transformation Centre

Agenda of the event could be find here.

Below you may find a list of 30 selected start-ups participating at the Summit;

1. Alb juris – Albania, www.albjuris.al
2. Better -Albania, www.better.network
3. Communication Progress – Albania, www.commprog.com
4. EASY ALBANIA – Albania, www.easyalbania.com
5. Info Business Solutions – Albania, www.ibs-al.com
6. Craft activity “SmartLab” – Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.smartlab.ba
7. Infinite Solutions d.o.o. – Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.isolutions.ba
8. Kapak – Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.kapak.ba
9. MAXCODE Ltd Bijeljina – Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.maxcode.ba
10. AXA LLC – Kosovo, www.axa-ks.com
11. Tretek – Kosovo, www.tretek.io
12. ERIS PRODUCTION – Kosovo, www.eris-agency.com
13. CODEKS SOFTWARE – Kosovo, www.codekssoftware.com
14. ROI Academy L.L.C – Kosovo, www.roiacademy.net
15. Business Universal Media – Montenegro, www.proventum.me
16. Cube42 – Montenegro, www.cube4u.me
17. Uhura Solutions – Montenegro, www.uhurasolutions.com
18. Bintern DOOEL Bitola – North Macedonia, www.bintern.com
19. Company for certification of products, processes and services KONTROL CERT LLC Skopje – North Macedonia, www.control.mk
20. FitKit – North Macedonia, www.fitkit.app
21. Qpick LLC – North Macedonia, www.qpick.mk
22. Atfield Technologies – Serbia, www.atfield.tech
23. Blink.ing Ltd – Serbia, www.blinking.id
24. Business entity Things Solver LLC Belgrade – Serbia, www.thingsolver.com
25. IT Labs International LLC Belgrade – Serbia, www.it-labs.com
26. Klik Tech Development LLC – Serbia
27. SirmiumERP d.o.o. Sremska Mitrovica – Serbia, www.sirmiumerp.com
28. Loop – Serbia, www.loop.rs
29. Syncit Group doo Belgrade – New Belgrade – Serbia, www.syncitgroup.com
30. Odo Ride llc – Serbia, www.odoride.app


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