EU fully supports WB6 Regional Cooperation

EU has proved its dedication to support regional processes in Wester Balkans Six Region. At the  EU-Western Balkans summit that took place in Brdo Kranj, Slovenia,  EU leaders agreed on the Brdo declaration, with which the Western Balkans partners have aligned themselves. The leaders reaffirmed their unequivocal support for the European perspective of the Western Balkans, which is of mutual strategic interest and remains a shared strategic choice.

Among 29 conclusions of the Declaration, EIP and CRM AP implementation are especially  encouraging for the business community and future activities of the WB6 CIF.

“13.The EIP enables a new momentum to enhance connectivity in all its dimensions, both within the Western Balkans and with the EU. The EU will continue to support inclusive regional cooperation. Further and decisive efforts by the Western Balkans leaders are needed to deliver on their commitment to establish a Common Regional Market, as agreed at the Berlin Process Summit in Sofia in 2020. This will help advance the region on its European path and will deliver tangible benefits for citizens and businesses. Exploiting the potential of inclusive regional economic integration is essential to boost the socio-economic recovery of the region, and to maximise the benefit from the investments stemming from the EIP. A strong commitment is needed by the entire region to conclude the relevant regional negotiations swiftly.

14. The EU and the Western Balkans agree to step up efforts to enhance the market integration of the Western Balkans with the EU Single Market. In this respect, the EIP provides a solid basis to operationalise market integration of the region within the EU Single Market, notably in areas such as cross border payments (SEPA), industrial and consumer goods, e- commerce and customs.”

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