Serbian tourists will not pay tolls in North Macedonia from June 15th

SKOPJE – Tourists from Serbia transiting through Northern Macedonia will be exempted from paying tolls from June 15th to August 15th, the government in Skopje recently decided. According to the statement, the Ministry of Finance is in charge of transferring 172 million denars to the government’s account for the purchase of 200,000 “M-smart cards” for free tolls for vehicles of Serbian tourists who will transit “Corridor 10” during the summer.

Those electronic cards, worth about 2.8 million euros, will be given to the vehicles of Serbian tourists at the “Tabanovce” border crossing upon entering Northern Macedonia, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in charge of their distribution.

The Prime Minister and ministers in the government of North Macedonia previously announced that a decision would be made to exempt Serbian tourists from paying tolls from June 15th to August 15th as a sign of gratitude for the anti-covid vaccine that Serbia provided for the citizens of North Macedonia.

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