Summit in Sofia-Declarations on Common Regional Market and Green Agenda

Organized under joint Bulgarian and North Macedonian presidency, the Summit 2020 that was held yesterday, gathered region’s and European decision- and opinion-makers agreeing on the common approach to socio-economic development. The Summit resulted in signing declarations on Common Regional Market and Green Agenda.

In the Declaration on Common Regional Market, the unifying commitment is the transformation of the region in line with EU rules and standards, in order to strengthen the region’s competitiveness to move closer to the standards of the EU single market. For this, at the Summit in Sofia, an Action Plan was adopted with concrete steps that will ensure the regional market to integrate into the chains of the European and world market.

The comprehensive Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans for projects in the manufacturing sectors and sustainable infrastructure plays a key role in supporting the realization of this goal, as a necessary contribution to define the common future of the EU region for the prosperity of its citizens and companies.

The Common Regional Market continues on the results of the Multiannual Action Plan for the Regional Economic Area (MAP REA) that was endorsed in Trieste 3 years ago, when the WB6 leaders agreed to give a chance to this region to build its own economic area by enabling unobstructed flow of goods, services capital and highly skilled labour, making the region attractive and fit for investment.

Common Regional Market-Factsheet

Western Balkans leaders Declaration on Common Regional Market

Action Plan for a Common Regional Market


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