WB6 CIF calls upon “Green lines” scheme for travelling from the Governments

Almost seven months after the pandemic was declared, WB still face restriction for travel throughout the WB region. This has detrimental effects on businessmen from the region, preventing them from conducting business activities without interruption. Companies on both sides of the borders all across WB region cooperate on a daily basis, work on joint investments and joint projects, or have established business offices and different undertakings in some of the other WB countries.  For smooth implementation of all these activities, the personal presence of businessmen on the territory of those countries is sometimes necessary. Additionally, very often companies have to send workers to perform certain activities in the territory of another WB country (short-term, or connected with the performance of some contractual obligations).

At the moment, almost all WB countries have in force certain specific rules, limiting the free movement across the national borders, requiring additional formalities or precautionary measures. These limitations change almost on a daily basis making it difficult to organize uninterrupted conduct of business in the region. According to the current circumstances, additional restrictive measures might be imposed.

Because of the above reasons, the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum, called upon the WB Governments to reach a joint agreement, introducing “Green lines” scheme for businessmen and workers from the region and traveling within it. The “Green lines” would set specific rules (and accompanying protocols regulating all issues related to the travel and stay of their persons in some of the other WB countries, when they travel for business or work reasons), which will secure the uninterrupted movement of businessmen and workers from the region across national borders in all WB countries, regardless of the current status of development of the pandemic and any possible stricter limitation being introduced in the forthcoming period.

Green Lines initiative

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