WB6 CIF online round tables successfully implemented

WB6 CIF has organized a series of online round tables from June 22nd – June 30th 2020, focusing on the different building blocks and policy areas relevant to regional economic integration, in order to discuss the views of the WB6 business community on the priority issues for achieving enhanced regional economic cooperation and integration, summarizing the needs and proposals of the regional business community that should be reflected in the REA Roadmap 2021-2024.

More than 70 companies from WB6 region has been selected to share their knowledge and experience in front of the decision makers and colleagues and they actively participated in these events.
Companies were advised to state concrete needs and propose solutions for improving regional cooperation in the following fields:

• Tourism industry in WB6
• Facilitation in trade of goods in WB6 and industrial development (including circular economy)
• WB6 Digital Agenda
• Automotive industry
• Financial markets development in WB6
• Investment policy in WB6


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