The webinar „Market analysis, Market potential and Market entry“ successfully implemented

The online seminar (webinar) „Market analysis, Market potential and Market entry“, which was organized within the EU funded project „EU support to the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum“,  has been successfully implemented.
This two day webinar covered the following main points:
• HOW TO CONQUER A MARKET (Who is Who?; Products v/s Benefits; The benefit oriented approach of conquering a market)
• QUALITATIVE POTENTIAL ( The qualitative potential of products and services and their analysis; SWOT analysis before market entry; Critical success factors of technology-driven products)
• MARKET DEFINITION (Qualitative market definition; Quantitative market defintion (market size); Case study; The quantitative potential and its analysis; Drawing of a representative sample, questionnaire design, survey and extrapolation
• CONQUER A MARKET (Contact acquisition and establishing contacts; The 7 keys to contact acquisition; Obtaining addresses; Identification of contact person; Contact process; How to access decision makers)
The lecturer at the webinar was Mr. Jörg Hilber, a consultant from Switzerland, with many years of experience in this field.
The number of participants to this events was 40.

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