Signed MOU with the Business Registers Agency

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Business Registers Agency have signed three documents that will enable businessmen in Serbia and the Western Balkans region easier access to data kept by this Agency.
As President Čadež said, the SBRA’s data, likewise other databases used by the chamber, are important for the economy because they can offer a large set of answers to questions such as: where to export, in which industry to invest, who are the best suppliers, who are the business partners, what is the “blood picture” of the industry in which they operate, etc.
By signing the Memorandum between the Regional Portal of Business Registers and the Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum, two projects supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD are merging, which significantly contribute to the development of the single market of the Western Balkans.
SBRA’s Director, Milan Lučić said that this Agency provides support for starting a business and conducting business activities for more than 400,000 registered business entities and about 50,000 legal entities, to which it provides an average of about 1,000,000 administrative services per year, of which a good part is electronic. SBRA publishes registered data over the Internet, and provides data to state bodies via a web service.
The director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the Western Balkans, Žužana Hargitaj, expressed her hope that such cooperation would contribute to the economic recovery after the Covid virus pandemic, as well as to the continuation of regional integration.
A further agreement on the continuation of EBRD support is forthcoming, so that businessmen in six countries in the region can find out about the possibilities of using the data.

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