WB CIF represents the voice of over 350,000 companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises from the region. The platform serves the purpose of intensifying and concretization of the inter-chamber cooperation and conducting activities in the common interest of the business communities.

The mission of Chamber investment Forum is to provide more efficient involvement of business communities of the countries in the Region in the implementation of ongoing and planned infrastructure and other projects of importance for economic prosperity of the Western Balkans.

Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum and the Berlin Process

The event has been hailed by the participants the summit reflected in the point 29 of the Final Declaration by the Chair, stating the following:

In the following landmark event in the framework of the Berlin Process, the representatives of the CIF were invited to the Business Forum of the Paris Conference taking place on 4 July 2016 to speak on behalf of the business community in the region.

The Chamber Investment Forum was referred as one of the success stories of the regional cooperation in the Western Balkans by the French Minister of Economy in its closing remarks.

What we did in the last year

Since its establishment, for the last year, CIF has been active in:

CIF has made a pipeline of initiatives where regional inter-chamber cooperation can bring tangible results to its members: